Hey foodies, lighten up

As a nutritional counselor, I get tons of questions about organic vs. GMO and conventionally grown foods. I also get loads of people that want to challenge my knowledge. I’m fine with that, the only way to learn is to ask questions and it keeps me up to date on information. However, there’s no reason to be obnoxious and judgmental about other people’s diets.

I have seen people walk up to total strangers and discuss what’s in their shopping cart. I get that they are trying to help and educate, but seriously? That’s really intrusive and I’d be pissed if someone was judging my food, because someone who does that is probably judging the person as well.

Time dot com has a great article out by Nick Carbone called ‘Does Organic Food Turn You Into a Jerk?’  It’s got great points. I am all for the fight for more local, organic and the eradication of all GMO food, but I have found this article to be very true.

People who eat organic and local tend to be quite passionate about their choices and that’s cool. People who make scenes in markets and restaurants that do not specialize in organic and local foods are not. There’s a great episode of ‘Portlandia’ where they go to a restaurant and interrogate the server about the history of the chicken they are thinking about ordering. That episode reminds me of this.

Being a food snob only turns off the masses. If you really want to help the local and organic movement don’t judge others by what they choose to eat.  It isn’t an ‘us against them’ scenario and the more it becomes that the more the masses will be turned off by all of it.

Eat well and be nice to people, just because you eat organic and local doesn’t mean you’re better than anyone.


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