How’s your doctor?

This week, by coincidence I’ve had lots of discussions with people about their doctors. It turns out that the majority folk I spoke to approximately 75% are not happy with their doctor or past protocol regarding a diagnosis.

This is not a rant to say all doctors are evil or anything like that, doctors are extremely important for our well-being. The trick is to find one that is right for you, often that’s easier said than done.

I used to trust review sites, that is until I went to a doctor by me who was the highest recommended around. Nice person, too bad she didn’t listen. After telling her multiple times (and  it being on my intake sheet) about my drug allergies, both medications she gave me could have killed me. Thank god for my neighborhood pharmacist, if it wasn’t for him I would’ve wound up in the ER. However, I’m still pissed my poison meds cost me a small fortune.

There are incredibly talented doctors out there, the trick is to do your research to find one. Ask people who you know and trust, that’s always worked best for me.  Asking another doctor who you see and trust (like a dentist, allergist, gynecologist, etc.) is always a great idea, they often seem to have the inner scoop.

Your health is crucial, don’t settle for a doctor you don’t like.

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