Kids on diets make me sad…

For so many reasons.

I was helping out a kid’s event on Easter Sunday when a little girl came up to me. She was dressed in her finest Easter regalia, complete with an adorable embroidered dress. Her parents were not around and  she chose to hang out with me.

She was the cutest little girl, with the best chipmunk cheeks ever. I asked her if she had eaten lunch and that ‘s when she told me she was on a diet because ‘My mom thinks I’m fat.’ This was a completely normal 5 year old, complete with the baby fat that is SUPPOSED to be there. Why did this get me really upset?

  1. Fat is extremely important for brain formation, that’s why healthy babies are pudgy.
  2. Parents are responsible for feeding their kids, so if the kid is very overweight it’s the parent’s fault. Try feeding more real food and cut down on the processed chicken fingers and hot dogs that children seem to be surviving on  these days.
  3. Why tell these kids they’re fat? It was hideous enough hearing that as a teen, can you imagine how that would  damage the psyche of a child? If you do this, you’re setting up your kid for a lifetime of eating disorders, I promise.

Here’s an article by Katie Kindelan for ABC News called ‘Mom’s Diet for 7 Year Old Daughter in ‘Vogue’ Sparks Backlash’. This is what got me going. It’s a great article and shows how shallow and ignorant many people have become when it comes to little kids and their bodies.

It’s called baby fat for a reason, how about being grateful for a healthy child and loving them unconditionally?

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