Scary soda info

There is tons of research these days pointing to sodas and concluding that they’re bad news. It doesn’t matter if you prefer diet or full strength, neither are good.

Now I’m not talking about all the sugar and your teeth or the dangers of artificial sweeteners, I’m talking cancer, obesity, increased liver enzymes and cholesterol, serious stuff.

Personally, I feel like most sodas taste like malted battery acid (thank you ‘Bloom County’ for the best description ever) so I really stay away, especially from the sodas made by huge corporations which tend to use all the real junk.

Thanks to an article by Emily Main for Rodale dot com, you can find out ’9 Disturbing Side Effects of Soda’.

Soda drinkers out there- please read this as it’s way more serious than I expected, getting soda out of your diet is a huge improvement to your health. Drink water or herbal teas instead, sweeten with honey or stevia.

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