9 shocking facts

What’s the story with our food industry? Today’s post is an infographic from Take Part dot com that can help to explain some of it.

If you’ve ever wanted to know about U.S. corn and how the corn industry works hand in hand with the junk food industry, this post is for you. This isn’t new news but it always blows my mind. It scares me how much corn a typical American ingests, that’s a lot of sugar without that much else.

A fresh ear of yellow corn does have a good amount of nutrients but I don’t know how they survive when you turn the corn into high-fructose corn syrup. I would bet the majority of nutrients would be processed out due to heat and other factors.

If you’re going to eat corn make sure it’s fresh and non GMO. When shopping for corn at a supermarket, make sure to buy organic. If you shop the farmer’s markets, ask nicely.

Corn is good when it’s fresh and non GMO, not processed to death and served in a soda can. After looking at the infographic how much corn are you eating?

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