Apple cider vinegar rocks

Apple cider vinegar has been around for years and with all the good things it does you can see why.

It can help with everything from acid reflux to insomnia, I know it sounds nuts but there’s lots of good things in apple cider vinegar that can do amazing things for our bodies.

Natural News has an article called ’10 Ways to use Apple Cider Vinegar’ and an infographic all about it, check them out.

If you do decide to do some apple cider therapy make sure to get organic, raw, unpasteurized and unfiltered. My favorite brand is Bragg’s which you can find in most supermarkets these days, it’s also in the shop above. Check out the books, there are a few about apple cider vinegar.

To use the vinegar as a therapy most suggest 2 tablespoons daily, one in the morning and one at night. I like to dilute it but if you can handle it full-strength go for it. Make sure to rinse out your mouth with water after ingesting, the acid can damage tooth enamel if left on there.

Apple cider vinegar helps with a myriad of ills, I love this stuff because it’s really inexpensive and it works.

Try it, you never know.

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