Bad friends? Clean house

I had a friend who was always negative, every day was grey for her.  She’s one of those people who sits around and criticizes everyone and everything, the perfect judge of all. Thing is, she didn’t do much besides bitch and worry, so it got really old, especially when she judged and shot down people who were attempting to make their dreams come true.

Why did I deal? Good question. I made friends with her when I was working in a shop and she was a customer. Looking back now, I realized I felt sorry for her, I thought she seemed a little lonely and wanted to help her out. Sweet on my part but honestly, what was I expecting? When I discovered her true colors I realized why she’s lonely, she’s really no fun to be around.

There’s a reason why some people have few if any friends. If you’re constantly annoyed or feeling put upon when you hang out with a certain someone, you may want to (gently) end the relationship.

Life is tough enough with good friends, why add to the B.S. pile with bad ones?  The “We’ve known each other for years” excuse is no good, sometimes relationships change and not all friends are for life. To me, there is little that is more sacred than a great friend and it takes work to be one, not everyone is capable. So, if after hanging out with someone you feel consistently stressed, bummed, angry, or not good, you need to think about that relationship.

It ain’t that easy, but it’s worth getting rid of the chaff and being surrounded by people you love and can count on. 1 good friend is worth 10 fair weathered negative Nancys and far better for you.

My life is much happier since I’ve said good bye to the Debbie and Derek Downers, I wish them all happiness and hope they find what they’re looking for. I’ve realized it’s far healthier for me to be alone or with positive people than to be near constant, toxic blather.

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