Fake sugars=fat

Happy¬†Monday, I hope you had a great weekend. Today’s post is all about artificial sweeteners, specifically the fact that many of them make you eat more.

Turns out many of those sweeteners change the way our brain’s reward system works. Here’s an article that explains it by Brian Fung for the The Atlantic dot com. It’s titled¬†“This is Your Brain on Diet Soda, How Fake Sugar Makes You Overeat”¬†

With the exception of real stevia (which is green and natural) I am no fan of artificial sweeteners, the side effects are far worse than some sugar calories.

Do yourself a favor and dump the soda habit, Whether diet or full-strength you are not helping yourself. It’s not an easy switch but stick with it and you’ll be getting a little healthier every day. Green tea helps tremendously, if you need a touch of sweet add honey or dehydrated cane juice, that way you’ll be getting some vitamins and minerals too.

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