GMO’s safe? Genetic engineers know better

I found you an amazing article all about the dangers of GMO’s. Why is this different than others I’ve posted in the past? Because this piece is by genetic engineers, the folks who work on this stuff.

The article comes from Earth Open Source dot org, it’s actually a press release called “Why Genetically Engineered Food is Dangerous: New Report by Genetic Engineers’.¬† The article is fascinating and based on a report called ‘GMO Myths and Truths’ I highly recommend the read.

If you truly want to eat well, stick to organic or farmer’s market if you can, even conventionally grown is safer than GMO.

Look for the non-GMO label on snacks, especially ones made of corn and/or soy.

Why is it other countries label if a GMO ingredient is present and we only label the few items that are without?  Hmmm.


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