Vegan protein

Lots of people worry than vegans don’t get enough protein, but the fact of the matter is we don’t need as much protein as everyone thinks.

Here’s a piece by Natural News dot com called ‘Top Seven Vegan Sources of Protein’ by Willow Tohi, I like this piece because it gives meat eaters options for vegetarian meals (which is great) as well as showing that vegans that are educated can thrive.

If you are vegan or considering it do your homework and learn about food combining and protein. It’s best to have a little fat with your protein to help with absorption, it helps incomplete proteins become complete.

Veganism is great for yourself and the planet but it’s got to be done correctly and without loads of junk food. Even part time veganism helps tremendously with your health and ┬áthe environment.

If you know any vegans, please respect their choice, no one likes being bugged about their diet.

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