For your pets: Hot pavement

So far this summer has had quite a few intense days. When it’s hot out the sidewalks and pavement heat up to ridiculous temperatures. We tend to forget unless we’re barefoot, with shoes on we can’t feel it.

But your pets can. When you’re walking your dog in the heat make sure to walk in the shade and please don’t tie your dog outside of stores or stop to chat with friends for a long time. When your pet sits or lays down, that’s more heat to more parts of their body. ¬†(Personally, I never feel it’s OK to tie your dog up outside a shop, there’s tons of dognapping lately and you don’t want to know what happens to most of them.)

Your dog’s feet can blister and burn just like ours. Dog booties aren’t a great solution as dogs sweat from their mouth and paws and blocking air circulation to the feet isn’t going to help them to cool down at all.

Think before you walk your pets in the heat and try not to have them outside for a long time in the middle of the day when the sun’s at its hottest. Also make sure to brush your pet daily, all the dead hair just makes them even hotter.

If you wouldn’t dare to walk barefoot on hot pavement or sidewalks don’t think it’s OK for Spot, his feet can burn and blister really badly. ¬†Their feet are not as tough as you think and burns are expensive to treat and take a long time to heal.

Think before you walk, Fido will thank you.


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