For your pets: The A.C.

You think it’s hot? Picture being covered in fur. What are you supposed to do with your pets when the temperature skyrockets?

Keira Butler of Mother Jones dot com has written a nice piece on the subject, it’s called ‘Should You Leave the AC on for Your Cat or Dog?’

I’ve got cat with asthma, so when it gets over 90 in the apartment I turn it on for him. It doesn’t need to be frigid, I put it on energy saver mode and set it at 82 degrees.

Dogs pant when they get hot, cats do sometimes but shouldn’t pant as a rule. If you see your cat open-mouthed breathing for more than a few seconds take them to a vet immediately, this could be a symptom of something dangerous.

As always, make sure to have plenty of fresh, clean water available and make sure to rinse out the bowls daily. You can add ice cubes, dogs seem to like them much more than cats.

When it gets really hot leave your pets at home. Don’t forget that sidewalks get like fire and your pets are barefoot. I’ve seen some gnarly burnt paws (with scarring) thanks to owners who didn’t bother to think about it. If it’s too roasting for you to be barefoot, it’s too hot for your pets.

If it’s sweltering for you, it’s insane hot for Spot and Kitty, help them deal.

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