Fruit salad trick (Thanks Deb!)

Sorry about the no post yesterday,  I was away for a class.

I was with my friend Deb over the weekend, who is a genius with fruit salad.

We made a lovely one to bring to a pot luck, full of mangoes, bananas, strawberries, peaches and plums. We needed to figure out how to keep it cold in the 100 degree weather and her solution was brilliant- Add frozen pineapple. She didn’t use chunks, more like bits but it worked beautifully and added enough juice to keep everything cool, moist and delicious.

Once you’re done making the salad, put it in the fridge to keep it cool as long as possible. Add the pineapple before you take it wherever, it’ll thaw on the way over.

We also kept the salad covered to keep the cool in and the bugs out, so that helped a lot.

I am a huge fan of locally grown, but sometimes you just need to make an exception. Mangoes are so amazing and fantastic for you, I think they’re worth breaking the rules for.

Thanks Deb for the tip, I will be doing this again.

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