How would you like them apples?

Apples. As American as pie.

I found an article from the New York Times I’d like to share with you, it’s called ‘That Fresh Look, Genetically Buffed’ written by Andrew Pollack. It’s about a small company that is trying to sell GMO apples that don’t brown when cut.

I think some of these apples are already on the market, I bought a few apples a few months ago that I thought were conventionally grown (treated with pesticides) but I noticed after cutting one up it never browned and the texture was off. Frankly, it freaked me out and I tossed the rest.

I love the quote by the president and founder- A whole apple is “for many people too big a commitment,”… So an entire apple is too much food for a person? Seriously? In a country where meal portions have increased exponentially one apple is too much? Apple consumption has fallen in the U.S. I’m guessing it has more to do with people eating much more processed, packaged crap than they did before.

Considering you can get the same result with a little lemon juice is tampering with genetics worth it? I have said it before and will say it again if GMO’s are so harmless why are they banned in many European countries?

I have a friend in Canada who was horrified to hear our food is labeled only if it is not GMO or has no GMO ingredients, up there they label products that contain GMO’s.

What are your thoughts? Would you buy these apples?

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