Mosquito help

With summer comes mosquitoes, some that will bite the crap out of you.  Considering DEET is incredibly toxic and can even melt some plastics I prefer to keep far away from it unless I’ve got no choice. There are other, safer options available that some  people claim work better than DEET.  If they’re safer I think they’re worth a try.

Today’s article is from Organic Authority dot com called ’7 Natural Ways to Repel Mosquitoes’ written by Shilo Urban. 

I have to admit I’ve found citronella pretty useless unless you’re slathered in the oil or sitting directly above a candle. Not all citronella candles are equal, the cheaper they are they less citronella they’ve got in them. If you skimp, you’ll get chewed up.

Another tip is to avoid eating bananas and peanuts, they do something to our body chemistry that makes us even more attractive to mosquitoes.

What’s your mosquito solution?

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