Recipe- Monster juice

I’ve been a bit obsessed with watermelon, not only did we just have a big one last week, my in-laws gave us another yesterday. That’s a lot of watermelon.

Question is How do you use it up and not get bored of it? My solution, juice it.

Take some watermelon chunks and some ice and throw ‘em into your blender. Turn it on and let it do it’s thing. You may have to stop the blender to push everything down a few times, but once it’s done, you’ll wonder why you haven’t done this sooner.

Now, if you need some more greens in your diet (like most of us do) you can add a handful of spinach or baby kale to the blender. The color you’ll wind up with is a little off-putting, but don’t let it sway you, it’s delicious and you can barely taste the greens.

When I make it for kids I like to call it monster juice because that seems get them to forgive the color. Do yourself a favor, there’s no need to let them know there’s greens in it especially if you want them to drink it. I’ve found that once they’re over 9 and have tasted monster juice and liked it, they can handle the fact that there’s greens in it.

If you can find watermelon with seeds be sure to buy those, the seeds are loaded with nutrients too and they blend nicely.


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