Scratched CDs & DVDs? Toothpaste and bananas to the rescue!

It’s fun to put food solutions up on the site that have nothing to do with eating, today we’re going to save scratched CDs & DVDs from being tossed out.

It’s funny, I remember when CDs were first released and most of the hype was that they were basically indestructible. The radio station I listened to had all this publicity about playing the first CD on their station and pumped up the event insanely. They set up the CD, started playing it and lo and behold it was scratched. (Thanks WLIR for the memory.)

So what do you do when yours are messed up? Try this great solution from Apartment Therapy dot com, called “How to Remove DVD Scratches With a Banana”.

Best thing is it works and you’ve probably got everything at home already, I love things like this.


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