Summer fruits and pesticides

Let me start out by saying most people don’t eat enough fruit and veg and summer fruits are some of the best out there.

I know it can be a bummer but it’s really important to know what’s in your food and where it came from, as pesticides can do serious harm to our health. ┬áDon’t kid yourself and believe that they’d never use something that could be bad for people, they do and have been for generations. Of course in the past, many of the chemicals side effects were unknown, but now that we’re more educated we should steer clear of potential disease causing elements.

How do you do that? By buying organic produce and speaking to vendors at farmer’s markets about their pesticide beliefs and usage. Be aware that many farmers practice organic farming but can’t afford to go through all the paperwork to get certified, so don’t assume anything if you don’t see an organic sign.

Some farmers use loads of pesticides so best to ask than assume either way. Here’s an article from Rodale Press dot com called ‘The Worst Summer Fruits’ all about pesticides commonly used and found in summer fruits.

It’s really important to stay educated when it comes to your food, ultimately you’re in charge of your health. So ask questions and enjoy loads of refreshing, summer goodies, they’re amazing for you.

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