What’s the deal with serving sizes?

I hope you all had a good weekend, mine was great except for a quick bout of food poisoning. Fortunately for me when that happens it’s fast and furious so I’m good today.


Todays post is all about serving sizes all over the world. If you travel out of the U.S. you know that our portion sizes are massive comparatively. I’ve got friends from the U.K. that can’t get over how much American restaurants serve, whenever they come visit they split almost every meal they get.

I’ve got friends who have moved to Asia and have lost weight without even trying, thanks to smaller portions and cleaner food. Wild, right?

Since it’s Monday and I’m a little slow today, here’s an infographic from Food Oddity dot com called ‘Serving Sizes Around the World’. There’s a ton of really interesting data, I looked at this for a long time.

The (not surprising) bummer is the typical American diet seems to pack on the pounds, there’s plenty of proof of that. What can you do? When you go out split your meals with someone or save half for later. It’s easiest to get a take out container as soon as you get your meal and put half in it. That way it’s off your plate and you can focus on what’s in front of you.

A good trick at home is to eat your meals on smaller plates, the huge ones that were in fashion a few years ago trick us to eat more because the plate looks so empty with a normal serving size on it. We use plates that my parents had, they’re standard dinner plates from Europe and much smaller than the American plates I bought a few years ago.

It’s up to you to be conscious of serving sizes. Your empty stomach is about the size of your closed fist and you don’t need a meal as big as your head to fill it.

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