Dance your bad off

For the past 4 days I was at a retreat that was based on movement, dance, music and the flow arts. This was my first time at an event like this and I learned a few things about dance that I wanted to share:

  1. No matter what style or how good you are it’s incredibly freeing and healing for your body and mind to move to music.
  2. It’s not easy to let go and let yourself dance exactly how your body wants to move, especially in public. This is usually based in fear of letting go or worrying that you’re going to look a fool. (If your movement is true and sincere you’ll rock it.)
  3. Everyone can dance. No rhythm, so what? You can still move. Broken leg? Chair dance.
  4. Dancing can help to release past trauma, both physical and emotional.
  5. The body needs to move, that’s what it’s made for. Dancing allows us to move in ways we tend not to on a daily basis, stretching and opening up areas that normally stay tight and closed.
  6. It’s a wonderful way to get to know yourself.
  7. No need to sign up for classes or buy all sorts of clothing, you can dance barefoot in your skivvies in your living room.
  8. Sometimes it’s good to move incredibly slowly to be able to observe what your brain and your body are doing.
  9. It’s also a wonderful way to get out feelings. Depressed? Start moving and let the feeling run it’s course, it’s there for a reason. Respect the feeling and dance it out.
  10. No need for steps or a routine, do what works for you because it’s about you.

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