Fierce granola

Last weekend I was upstate to teach a class and had the good luck to meet the owner of a fabulous company that makes granola. We spoke for a while and I got to sample the Apple Cranberry Nut Crunch, which I am now stashing from Dan who decided to eat almost the whole bag in a few hours.

There’s tons of granola out there that pose as ‘healthy’ but most are loaded down with sugar, unhealthy oils and preservatives. Nutritionally they’re more like candy.

Platte Clove Naturals doesn’t play those games and that’s why I love them. They source what they can locally and use the best ingredients available. Their granolas are made by hand in small batches to ensure quality and consistency.  Their flavors are so good they don’t need to add sugar or flavorings.

For all of you out there with gluten allergies of sensitivity hang on to your hats, they’ve got a gluten free! The Apple Cranberry Nut Crunch is made of only nuts and dried fruit. It’s freakin’ amazing AND it fills you up. I find that I’m hungry shortly after eating many gluten free products, that’s not the case with this stuff because it’s real, whole food.

Their products are made in Saugerties, NY and they sell at various farmer’s markets as well as online. Their website is, check it out. If you are interested in the gluten-free, drop them a line as I didn’t see it on their site today.

I love buying local especially from small businesses and Platte Clove Naturals makes it more than worth it. Thank you PCN for taking the time to source excellent ingredients to make a seriously wonderful product,  I’ll be hiding the rest from Dan.


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