Get those juices flowing


Creativity is something we all have but not everyone uses. It’s a pity as I truly believe being imaginative is a part of staying young.

For some reason, most people leave this up to kids but they’re missing out on getting to know a very cool part of their personality. Creativity is instinctual, it’s part of what makes us who we are and to deny that is to cut off a part of yourself.

It’s really fun to be inventive and think outside of the box, you never know where you’ll wind up. If you haven’t been creative for a while you may need a few tips to get you rolling and that’s exactly what I’ve got. Try these for inspiration:

  1. Journal. Write about whatever, one you get started it’ll flow. Even 5 minutes a day is great.
  2. Draw and /or paint something, just don’t let you inner critic take over, remember you’re doing this for fun.
  3. Turn on some music and dance around, pull the blinds if that helps you to let go. No need for a partner, but it’s fun to get down with a good friend.
  4. Get out of the TV and computer habit for a bit and let yourself relax.
  5. Get out those old magazines and make a collage of  things you really love.
  6. Talk a long walk and let yourself think.
  7. Get some clay and make something for fun.
  8. Hang out with a few kids, they’re masters at creativity.
  9. Pretend you’re a child again, what did you love to do? Do it.
  10. Go to an arts and crafts store and see what interests you, buy something to play with.
  11. Take a creative class in your area, you’ll meet like-minded people, have some fun, learn something and possibly make a friend or two.
  12. Re-read your favorite children’s books, those always get me thinking like a kid.
  13. Do something ridiculous or silly, at least you’ll get a good laugh.
  14. Lighten up, let yourself have some good clean fun that you would not do normally. (For some reason, making mudpies comes to mind, I wonder what that says about me? )
  15. Get a friend or some friends together and play that game where you take turns telling a story. One person starts and says something like “Once upon a time there lived a lady with pink hair who loved…” then the other person takes over and says something, i.e. “…To cook day-glow cupcakes. One day, …” And you continue this way. Don’t worry about being ridiculous, that’s the point.

Give yourself permission to do create whatever you like. No need to share your work with anyone besides yourself, you’re doing this for you. ¬†The biggest tip is not to let your inner critic take over and start judging what you’re doing, we all know that voice and it is absolutely no fun at all.

Being creative is really fun and lets you get to know yourself better, win win!

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