Poison Ivy? Thank you Dr. Doug!

I got poison ivy a week ago and it took a few days to come out, Needless to say, I’ve been having no fun at all.

It’s so obnoxious, painful and insanely itchy to the point that it woke me up at night. There seem to be a million remedies, I tried a bunch of them and found one that was a godsend.

I got it from my friend and nutritionist Dr. Douglas Willen, who is the only one who figured out why I was so ill a few years ago. Blood tests all came back “in the normal range” but his forms of testing showed that my adrenal and thyroid glands were an overactive mess. Thanks to some herbs, glandular therapy and  his expertise, I’m as good as new, but enough about me…

Dr. Doug has a website called ‘The Health Fixer‘ full of all sorts of tips and tricks, check it out it’s beautifully done.

Anyway, Dr. Doug’s tip that saved my skin and sanity? Baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Make a paste and put it on the affected area, let dry & rinse off with cold water. The original post is here and it’s got loads more information than just that. 

Not every remedy works for all of us, he’s got more for poison ivy if this one ain’t it for you.

Thank you Dr. Doug for so much, especially fixing me when other doctors all said I was fine but I knew I wasn’t, you rock!

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