Think again about soy

I’ve always been leery of the soy explosion in this country and I ¬†just read an article I’d like to share with you all. It’s fromNatural Health Strategies dot com and is called “The Dangers of Soy Are Real–and Much Worse Than You Think”¬†.

The information is backed up with years of research and I feel is definitely worth a look. Soy is high in estrogen and can do harm to hormone balances in both men and women, that’s why I tell anyone with hormone issues to avoid it.

There’s lots of alternatives if you don’t drink cow’s milk, my favorite is unsweetened almond milk, with rice milk coming in a close second. There’s also hemp seed, oat, coconut, even hazel nut milks, so you’ve got options.

If you stick to soy milk and products, please do yourself a favor and read the article. If you continue to do so, only buy non-GMO organic, the cleaner the better.


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