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“Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?” -George Carlin

Book Review: The Fortune Cookie Chronicles

I just finished a book that fascinated me, all about the history of the fortune cookie and the history of Chinese food in the U.S. 

For the ladies: Pee safely & in style

Ya’ know when you’re somewhere with no bathroom and you’ve got to pee so bad your teeth hurt?

Recipe: Quick tomato sauce for a lightning fast pizza

I had lots of fresh veggies and wanted to make a pizza on Sunday night,

Go Nooch!

Today’s post is all about Nutritional Yeast.


A Thanksgiving poem Thanks Phoebe!

May your table be full and your food be plenty.

Flying anytime soon?

You might want to bring a snack.

Quick tip to survive the holidays

They’re coming full speed, and for many there’ll be loads of stress.

You’re worth it

Here’s a little story for you, one that I’m not proud of but I wanted to share.

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