Best. Rice. Ever.

After my rice cooker died I picked up a new one that’s got all sorts of amazing options like the ability to cook other grains. I was looking through the manual and it mentioned Sukoyaka genmai brown rice.

I’d never heard of it and decided to do some research. Turns out it’s a short-grain brown rice that has the embryo and rice bran left intact. It is higher in fiber and protein than white rice and common brown rice.  It’s also got a different texture and flavor than the brown rice I’m used to. This stuff is delicious, like “Holy cow this is good rice!” Even Dan mentioned it.

You can find it online and in Japanese stores, it costs a little bit more but I think it’s totally worth it.

I’ve tried loads of different rice and this one is quickly becoming my favorite, the texture and flavor are lovely and it’s easy to make. Follow the directions on the bag. I’ve found a few reviews that say it takes forever to cook, I put it in my rice cooker and cooked it like white rice (as per the instructions) and it came out perfectly.

If you need a break from your regular rice, go out and get some Sukoyaka genmai, it really made my day.

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