All in moderation

One thing that gets to me is when an article comes out that talks about the health benefits of a certain food and then people and marketers go nuts with it.

For example, let’s discuss chia. Chia seeds have all sorts of healing properties, from helping to make us feel full to cleaning the colon. That sounds great but did you know taking too large a dose will probably make you vomit? Have you noticed how many products are out there right now loaded with chia?

From drinks (which I have to admit, freak me out a little) to crackers, chia is all the rage. Chia’s great, but in small amounts. Start slowly and add. If they say a daily dose is a tablespoon, start with a teaspoon and stick to that for a few days to see how your body reacts and slowly increase to the daily recommended amount.

Almost all unprocessed foods have nutritional benefits, they just need to be eaten responsibly. When it comes to food healing, huge amounts of any healthy food could make you sick especially if you’re not used to it.

Buy lots of different produce, you’ll be healthier and not as bored of your food,┬ávariety is the key to keeping healthy, not mega-dosing.

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