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Strung out?

We’ve got workers coming into the house today to do some stuff and I woke up full of anxiety.

Have I got a list for you… Thanks Sara V!

If you are familiar with this site you know that I am against GMO foods.

Tidbits- For Lisa

You and I will meet again When we’re least expecting it

Today is Pay it Forward day!

What does that mean? It means today is a great day to do something for someone and not expect anything in return.

How’s that resolution?

We’re nearing the end of April. At this point, many New Year’s resolutions have been thrown out the window.

Sick pet? To the vet

I woke up to a litter box full of diarrhea this morning, both cats are ill.

Pesticides- the truth

Have you ever wondered if you can really rinse pesticides off of produce?


“How would your life be different if…

Great clean fun

Today’s post is about another friend of mine who is multi talented, I’m going to focus on  her handmade soaps and other beauty products.

Please vote to help to advance nutrition for sick people

My friend Robin Gentry McGee is an amazing person and she needs our help.

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