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“It’s amazing how pervasive food is. Every second commercial is for food.

For your pets: Leaving them in parked cars

Summer’s coming quickly, here’s some info for those of you that like to take your dog with you in the car.

What do you do?

Life tends to become all about work and commitments, what do you do for yourself?

More on Monsanto

I hope you had a great weekend, the Monsanto marches went extremely well but thanks to the media they were barely covered.


“Few things in the world are more powerful than a positive push. A smile. A world of optimism and hope. A ‘you can do it’ when things are tough”- Richard M. DeVos

Homemade munchies

When I was a kid junk food was different.

Like maraschino cherries? Take a gander

I feel a bit of a traitor writing this as there’s a maraschino cherry factory in my ‘hood that’s been open since 1948.

Wanna know about getting healthy? Read this book

I found a great book that I really enjoyed, I wanted to share it with you.

Sashay away!

It’s really getting pretty out there, how about doing your body a favor and going for a walk?


“The latest trend in kid’s cereals is to emphasize how many vitamins and minerals they have, but many of these are so high in sugar that they are really vitamin-enriched, low-fat cookies.” – Marion Nestle

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