Healthy snack ideas

With all the processed food that exists it’s easy to forget there’s loads of healthy snacks out there. It is easier to reach for something overly processed in a bag because it requires no thinking, but is it worth feeling lousy after?

Sometimes we need a reminder about which snacks are good for us, that’s what today’s post is all about. Occupy Monsanto 360 dot org has a piece by Fritz Kreiss called “Quick and Clean:40 Non-GMO and Unprocessed ‘Fast Foods‘”

This is worth printing out and putting on your fridge as a reminder and encourager to eat cleaner foods for snacks. The more you see the list, the more it will motivate you to eat what’s on it. Don’t avoid nuts and avocado “because they’re fattening”, (they’re not). Cake, pies, cookies, chips, now those are fattening.

Eat smart, I promise you’ll feel great.

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