Juice boxes and pouches, the pros and cons

Juice boxes and pouches are nothing new, I know pouches have been around since the 80′s.

What I didn’t know is that these suckers can get moldy. According to Intelli Hub dot com, any little teeny puncture to let in air will contaminate them. The hole can be small enough so nothing leaks out so you may not even have a clue that there’s something wrong with it until you actually taste it, ewwwwwww.

The good news is it won’t kill you, it may give you an upset stomach though.  You’ll know because it will taste a bit off as the sugars will have started to ferment. I’ve been drinking these sporadically for years and have never experienced any mold or bad juice, I consider this article to be a suggested warning, not a threat or a promise.

The article is called “Why I Stopped Buying Juice Boxes (The Picture Will Gross You Out…)” by Kathleen Berchelmann, who is an M.D.  The juices that this happens to are ones without preservatives which is why this can happen. I prefer juice that can go bad over juices that seem to have a shelf life that is forever. In my experience, real juice goes bad pretty quickly and I don’t like how this article subtly infers that juice with preservatives is a better choice than ones without.

The piece goes on to say basically that juice is evil, this is where I disagree. Fresh squeezed juice is wonderful and full of nutrients if you drink it within 15 minutes, after 30 most of the nutrients are no good. Fresh juice is far better than soda or most drinks on the market and the sugars are natural which affects the body differently than processed.

If you’re drinking fresh juice cut it with water, the flavor will still be there with less calories and more hydration.

Please be aware that real food is not the enemy, it’s what we do to it that can cause problems.

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