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“A thousand years ago the Chinese had an entirely codified kitchen while the French were still gnawing on bones. Chopsticks have been around

Foodhealer’s on the radio today

For those of you with pets you may want to tune in,

What is fracking happening?

I haven’t talked much about fracking on this site but I’ve been against it since the start.

Simple healthy

I was talking to my friend who is a nurse and I really liked something she said.

Recipe- Mango, berry acaí smoothie, yum!

I’m not a huge fan of super foods that aren’t local, but I’ve been craving acaí and decided to get some.


“Did you ever stop to taste a carrot?  Not just eat it, but taste it?  You can’t taste the beauty and energy of the earth in a Twinkie.”-Astrid Alauda

Need calcium?

Everyone’s talking about calcium and how we need more, I agree but I prefer dairy-free alternatives.

What’s your dream?

We all have things we dream of doing or being, often these ideas are kept quiet in fear of what other people will say.

10 ways to be happier

Summer’s ending and it seems that many people I know are falling into a slump over it. Sometimes it can be hard to get happy, what can you do to feel better? 

Recipe: Kale and cannellini beans

I’m back from a few weeks of travel, it was fantastic, challenging and renewing and I’m glad to be home.