Reasons to go non-GMO

If you’re a consistent reader you know that I mention GMO foods all the time. I know it’s a hot topic, it should be.

The majority of Americans believe that if genetically modified foods were not safe they wouldn’t be available. I wish that was the truth, but as long as cash is king and people ignore the realities GMO’s aren’t going anywhere in the near future. When I see other countries banning GMO’s it brings me hope that the U.S. will follow suit, hopefully sooner than later.

There is plenty of evidence that GMO’s are bad and I’ve found an article to share called “GMO’s 23 Reasons To Avoid Them“. It’s from COVVHA dot net and I advise you to take a minute and read it.

At this point, it’s up to us to make sure the foods we eat aren’t genetically modified, that means reading labels and talking to farmers at farmer’s markets. It also means requesting more GMO-free food, the more shop keepers hear it, the more they’ll do to make it happen.

What we spend our money on is a huge vote, it’s up to all of us to make change happen.


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