Autumn tip- thanks Jena!

I may have posted this before, but it’s so good I wanted to share it again.┬áThis tip comes from my friend Jena Savadsky, a Holistic Nutritionist in Virginia. You can visit her site at JenaSavadsky dot com.

Her secret? In the autumn, make sure to eat an apple a day. Our bodies tend to hold on to excess heat from the summer and apples help to remove it, getting our body ready for colder weather. Removing the excess heat helps to prepare our immune system for the cold, which will help keep us from getting sick.┬áMake sure to get either organic or minimally processed apples, best bet is to hit up the farmer’s markets as they’re in season and never taste better than they do now.

I love apples. They taste great and give us fiber, vitamins and minerals. I also love how much you can do with them. If you need some recipes do a search on this site, everything’s been tested and they’re all good.

Thank you Jena for your wise words, I always think of you this time of year.


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