All hail the turnip

It’s turnip season! I feel like many of us don’t know what to do with them which is a shame, they’re easy to prepare, tasty and good for us.┬áTurnips can be eaten raw or cooked, I prefer them roasted, which makes them mellower and a little sweet.

Turnips are a good source of vitamin C and fiber, they’ve also got potassium, manganese, vitamin b6, folate, magnesium and calcium. They also tend to be pretty inexpensive which is nice these days.

Turnip chunks are great in soups, stews and roasted with other root vegetables. If you slice it thinly, it works in a salad. You can even boil them and mash them like potatoes, they make a nice side dish.

If you get turnips with the greens attached, save them to cook for later, turnip greens are as good (if not better for you) as kale and collard greens. They’re quite bitter, similar to mustard greens. I wouldn’t steam them out of fear of them being too harsh to eat alone, I’d quickly par boil them and then finish them off in a saute’ pan with caramelized onions.

Turnips are a more flavorful and healthy alternative than white potatoes, pick up a few next time you’re at the market.

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