Another reason to ditch sodas

The amount of information about how bad sodas are for us is staggering, but people continue to drink it. It’s an extremely tough habit to break especially if you’re hooked on diet. I’ve helped clients get through quitting sodas and it can be really tough, but it’s worth it.

Sodas have been linked to- Osteoporosis, obesity, type 2 diabetes, dehydration, bad teeth, heart attacks, fatty liver disease, metabolic syndrome, and certain cancers, my question is, is it worth it? Granted, an occasional soda isn’t horrible for you, it’s bad when it becomes habit and you’re drinking it daily.

If you need another reason to reduce or kill your soda consumption, here it is. It’s an article by Jason Best from Take Part dot com called “Yet Another Study Links Soda to Yet Another Health Problem.”

If you’re hooked on sodas I know this is probably the last thing you want to read (and kudos if you’ve made it this far) but playing ignorant about the health risks is only setting yourself up for disease or illness.

Take good care of yourself, you’re worth it.


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