A new year, now what? 12 easy-peasy tips

Happy 2014! So, what now? If you’ve been stalling on taking better care of yourself, now’s the time. Start slowly, no need to leap off a cliff. If you do, chances are you’ll quit and go back to your old ways.

What does getting healthier mean? Here’s some examples:

  1. Drink more water and less soda and sugary garbage.
  2. Get some more green veggies, aim for at least a serving daily, points for more.
  3. If you’re not vegetarian, eat like one at least one day a week.
  4. Cut down on cheese (it’s in everything), cheap meat, fast food, ┬ájunk food and sugar (also in everything).
  5. Don’t replace sugar with artificial sweeteners, go for stevia, coconut palm sugar or agave syrup instead.
  6. Try to get to bed at a consistent hour, points for falling asleep before midnight.
  7. Get some exercise daily. No need to join a gym, even a daily 20 minute walk cures a lot of ills.
  8. Smile more and take time to do something every day you truly love.
  9. Say “please” and “thank you,” appreciating people makes everyone feel good.
  10. Stop worrying! All it does is stress you out and it doesn’t solve a thing.
  11. Help out those who need it. Even helping someone cross the street will make you both feel good and reduce stress.
  12. Plan something you look forward to. It can be a vacation or a movie night, whatever it is will help to keep you optimistic.

Change can be hard. If you slip, don’t berate yourself ┬ájust try again. There is so much more to health than just food, even little changes can make a dramatic difference.

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