Careful out there, 7 tips

If you live in the north it’s stupid cold today.¬†If you need to go out, please be careful. When the weather goes below zero you’ve got play it extra safe as frostbite can set in really quickly.

Here’s a few tips to keep you warm.

  1. Make sure to stay hydrated with cold water. If you drink loads of hot liquids your pores open, allowing the cold to come in to your body. If you drink cold, your body warms up .
  2. Layers are your friend, the more the better. Make sure to wear thermals, they make a huge difference. Keep away from cotton as it doesn’t get warm and if it gets wet you’re screwed, hikers call cotton “death cloth” for a reason.
  3. Big, heavy, warm boots are appropriate. If you work in an office bring your shoes.
  4. These days are not about cute fashion, what’s cute to me is if I’m warm.
  5. Cut down on alcohol and sugar, neither helps you to warm up even though alcohol makes you feel warm, it actually does the opposite once you’re out in the cold. You need quality calories when it gets bad, junk food won’t help.
  6. If you’re taking your dog out for a walk it needs a coat. Unless you own a Great Pyrenees, a Saint Bernard¬†or a Bernese Mountain dog chances are they’re cold outside. Dogs and cats get used to the indoor temperatures and if your place is as warm as my apartment, they’re going to be freezing once they get out. Buy a real dog coat, not a cheap sweater from a department store.
  7. Hot & spicy are your friends. If you like them eat them, they’ll help to keep you happy and toasty by increasing circulation.

If you don’t need to be out there don’t bother, but if you do, make sure to keep yourself and your pets safe and warm.



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