Recipe- Maple snow taffy

A friend posted this recipe a few days ago, she did it with her daughter and gave it rave reviews. Granted, these days people are trying to get away from sugar, but I think it’s far better to make your own candy and be able to control what’s in it than buy most of what’s for sale. No artificial anything sounds good to me!

Here’s the recipe. Written by Catherine Newman, this recipe is really easy but definitely needs adult supervision.

If you’d like to make this a little healthier, make sure to use grade B maple syrup. It’s got more minerals than grade A, you can find it at health food stores and better markets. Also, use unsalted, organic cultured butter and add a small pinch of Celtic sea salt for even more good minerals and a healthier treat.

This looks great to me, just be careful you don’t O.D. on it. Sorry southern states, this is one for the north.



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