Stress < greens

I’ve been going at a thousand miles an hour this week, it’s all good but wow I’m wiped out. I’m also not sleeping well so I’m in a bit of zombie mode. When I get like this, all I can feel is stress and it stinks.

Good news is there’s an easy solution- eat more greens. Kale, collards, broccoli, escarole, celery, green beans, peas, pretty much everything green (with the exception of iceberg lettuce) will help you to calm down, center and rebalance. Why? Because the combination of calcium and magnesium calms down the body. The nutrients are grounding and help get you to feel back to normal.

I’ve been missing out on greens for the past 3 days and I can really feel the difference, I won’t be doing this again anytime soon.

If you suffer panic attacks greens will help too, just make sure you’re getting at least one big portion daily, at least a cup. Greens do so many other good things for us that at least a cup a day will make a difference, you”ll feel grounded and with energy to last until your next meal.

I know it sounds crazy but it works, try it for a week and see how you feel.

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