Gut tips

This time of year I see many people experiencing stomach or digestive upset. It runs the range from acid stomach to constipation, they may seems different but there’s something in common, the gut.

If you’re experiencing any sort of imbalance I’ve got a few tips for you:

  1. Get on the probiotic bandwagon. When we have a system full of good bacteria, life is grand. When it gets low, not so much. You can get probiotics in many other forms than just a pill or yogurt, so many yogurts now are more like pudding in sugar content anyway. Look for kimchi, and raw sauerkraut. Have at least 3 tablespoons daily if your belly isn’t right, 1 tablespoon daily for maintenance.
  2. If you’re a fan of¬†¬†kombucha, go for ones that are raw and not pasteurized. Also, look for ones that aren’t loaded down with sugar, there are a few that are pretty sweet. Drink from 1/2-1 bottle daily for stomach health.
  3. Drink more water (I know, yeah, yeah…) but it’s true, dehydration really messes us up in many different ways and the body doesn’t have to digest water, it goes straight where it needs to be.
  4. Eat more greens. This time of year we tend to go more towards root veggies, but remember to get at last one serving of greens daily, that’s about 1/2 cup cooked or 1 cup raw, the more the better. Greens help to clean out our system, purify our blood and give us good fiber, the more the better.

Don’t fret, Spring is coming soon and so are all the goodies at the farmer’s markets, they’ll help us to get our guts back to normal. In the meantime, heal yourself with the items above. If you like to cook, there are many raw sauerkraut recipes online, it’s easy and really inexpensive.

When your gut is happy, life is good. Treat yours well and life will be better, I promise.

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