Veggie saver tip

Don’t you hate it when you go out and buy some veggies only to have them wilt the next day? I’ve got a really easy tip for you.

This works with most veggies you store in the refrigerator, check the tags on this article if you’d like specifics. I wouldn’t do this with baby greens or herbs but it helps with lots of them.

OK, ready? Grab a clean rag that is 100% cotton (I use flour sacks towels, they rock, an old t-shirt works well too) and run it under cold water. No need to get it soaking wet, wring it out well. Then, loosely wrap your veggies in the damp towel and put it in your crisper.

Voila! That’s all there is and it really helps to extend their freshness for up to a week depending on how fresh they were when you got them. If the towel totally dries out you can get it a little damp again but I normally take that as a hint to use those veggies ASAP.

This isn’t great for mushrooms, keep those in a loosely closed paper bag and use them soon after you buy them.

The towels go into the wash and the veggies get eaten, win win! Try it, it totally works for me.

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