Are you nutrient deficient?

These days there’s a real difference between food and nutrients. Many of the things we eat have little to no nutritional value, that’s the major problem with processed foods.

I’m not a fan of taking vitamins to make up for eating badly, unless they’re whole food-based I think they do little if anything. The body doesn’t even seem to recognize what chemical vitamins are and they pass through the system with little, if any change. (I had a friend who spent a summer cleaning out septic tanks in college and he told me that they saw countless vitamins lying in the muck that still had their brand name visible.)

What can you do?

First off, read this article from Mind Body Green dot com called “Overfed But Undernourished? 9 Signs You’re Nutrient Deficient.” Then, take a look at their suggestions and consider what you can do to increase your nutrients. Look to whole foods like fruits, raw nuts and veggies, that’s where the good stuff is. I’m not saying you can’t have anything processed, but you need to eat more real food than junk.

Did you know that people who are obese can also be malnourished? It’s true.


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