Great book: Drop Dead Healthy

I apologize I’ve been really bad about book reviews for a long time, ever since I got a Kindle I just forget. There’s something about seeing a great book lying around that makes me want to share it, without a physical book and cover it slips my mind.

That being said, I’ve got a great one to share. It’s called Drop Dead Healthy, by A.J. Jacobs. It’s been out for a bit now, ┬áit’s totally entertaining, funny and insightful.

Jacobs decides to spend a year of his life attempting to get as healthy as possible, using a ton of different modalities to achieve his goal. From his brain to his toes, he is determined to get himself into the best shape of his life. We works with a team of experts, ranging from MD’s and nutritionists to trainers, this guy isn’t messing around.

The book is an account of his year and I loved it. Not only is it a page-turner and hilarious, it really makes you think about our lives, food, health and how they interact.

I’m keeping this short as I don’t want to release any spoilers, but if you need a great book that is informative and entertaining, get Drop Dead Healthy.


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