Today, on Animal Instinct, Dr. Harvey!

I’m super excited to be speaking with Dr. Harvey Cohen today, if you have a dog, cat or bird, you’ll want to tune in. ┬áDr. Harvey is a successful human nutritionist who has been working with food and herbs for animals for over 30 years.

He is a pioneer in the pet food business, believing that healthy pets shouldn’t eat dyes, preservatives, or other artificial ingredients. He understands and utilizes the saying “health begins in the kitchen,” and refuses to skimp on ingredients to increase profit.

His foods are organic, natural, healthy and gorgeous. The most common refrain I heard while working at pet food stores that carried his products was “Wow! That looks good, I’d eat that!” And you can.

Dr Harvey has helped to change the pet food industry for the better, tune in at 6pm (EST) online to Heritage Radio Network to hear all about it. If you miss it don’t fret, there will be a recording available shortly after on the Animal Instinct page, as well as on iTunes and Stitcher, all for free!

Dr Harvey is an extremely knowledgeable man and his foods helped to start a revolution, I can’t wait for the show.


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