Today, on Animal Instinct, Primal Pet Food!

I’m having a blast doing my radio show on Heritage Radio Network,It’s all about animals and the next four episodes will highlight great food and treat producers. The four companies I’ve chosen are all outstanding in their field and I’m honored to interview them, make sure to tune in, we’ve got some great shows lined up.

Today at 6pm (EST) I’ll be interviewing Matthew Koss, president and founder of Primal Pet Foods, a complete raw diet for dogs and cats. I consider Primal to be one of the best foods on the market, they source their human-grade protein from the U.S. and New Zealand and the produce is organic and grown in the USA. That alone is saying a lot these days, considering how much pet food is made in China.

Primal Pet Food makes raw feeding easy, your pets will thrive and you’ll spend very little time in the kitchen. My cat Mookitty was on Primal for years, she loved it and even with protein allergies she was never healthier.

So, tune in at 6pm (EST) to hear all about Matthew and Primal Pet Foods, I can’t wait! Go to the home page of Heritage Radio Network and click on  ”Listen Live” In the upper left hand corner.  If you miss the show, there’s an archive page  with all the past episodes, the show will be on a few hours after airing. You can also find us on iTunes and Stitcher for free podcasts!

If you’ve ever thought about feeding your pets raw, here’s your chance to hear all about it from a leading raw food maker. Primal  truly makes exceptional diets for your companion animals, I’m really grateful that they exist. Thank you Matthew Koss for speaking to me later, I can’t wait!

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