Trust your gut

There’s something in the air lately that’s got a lot of people I know in a tizzy. It seems that many of my friends are getting offers that seem good, but something is telling them that this great opportunity may not be so wonderful.

To these sorts of things, I say trust your gut. Our stomach has brain cells in it and can also feel emotion, so there’s something to having a gut feeling.  I say, trust it no matter how much pressure you may be getting from others, it’s your life and you have to live with your choices and decisions.

Take a moment to sit and decide if the activity is based on fear or if the situation just doesn’t feel right, sometimes fear gets in the way of taking a risk. However, after thinking about it and you decide it’s not in your best interest, stick to your guns.

Nest time you’re all riled up, pay attention to how your stomach feels. Is it churning? Tingling? What you’re feeling is a reaction to the situation. Your gut knows what’s going on, pay more attention to it and you may make better decisions.


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