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Cravings? Make it good

We all get cravings from time to time, I’d kill if I wasn’t allowed chocolate anymore.

What’s grosser than gross? (#3 of a series)

If you eat at fast food places you probably think the drinks are safe.

How much sugar are you really eating?

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend, it was beautiful here.


A tisket, a tasket, what’s in mama’s basket?

More celery please

Celery is one of those vegetables that doesn’t get enough attention.

Animals can love

I found an amazing article to share today, I’m keeping this short as the piece is long.

Happy Earth Day!

In case you didn’t know, today is Earth Day. So, what are you going to do about it?

Today, on Animal Instinct, Denise Herman, dog trainer!

Happy Monday! I’ve got Denise Herman, empress of Empire of the Dog on Animal Instinct tonight!


“Chocolate causes certain endocrine glands to secrete hormones that affect your feelings and behavior by making you happy. Therefore, it counteracts depression, in turn reducing the stress of depression. Your stress-free life helps you maintain a youthful disposition, both physically and mentally. So, eat lots of chocolate!” -Elaine Sherman , Book of Divine Indulgences

Craving greens?

Now that Spring is officially here, you may notice that you’re craving lots of fresh greens.

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