Bad advice you may be following

There is so much information out there about food, some right, some wrong. How do you know what the truth is?

Research, and lots of it. That’s when you can thank me, this is what I do and I’m researching daily. You also have to know where to go to find out the truth and not just propaganda.

I’m not saying everything I write is absolutely right, information changes and  I believe in bio-individuality which means what may be perfect for some, may be awful for others.

That being said, I found an article I really like from Eat Local Grown dot com called “The Worst Nutrition Advice in History? Here’s the Top 5 Contenders.” It’s written by Kris Gunnars and there’s lots of great information.

Here’s the thing I believe (and learned in nutrition school) about eggs. Eggs should always be eaten whites and yolks together, alone the white is albumin and gets sticky in the intestines which hinders adsorption of minerals and nutrients because they can’t get through it. Interesting, right?

Check out the article, it’s got some great information.

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