Craving greens?

Now that Spring is officially here, you may notice that you’re craving lots of fresh greens. I know I am, I’m not a big salad person but this time of year I can’t get enough.

During the winter our bodies slow down to help keep us warm. We eat loads of root vegetables and cooked greens because that is what is around. It’s all delicious, but right about now it starts to get old. Perfect timing, Mother Nature! When Spring hits, our bodies start to get rid of winter issues, the liver and lungs want to be cleansed and that’s where the greens come in.

Greens do that and really well, so go allow your cravings to take charge. Avoid iceberg lettuce and go for beautiful deep greens, peas are coming soon, as are leeks, scallions and other amazing produce. Oh yeah, go for organic or minimal pesticides used, no need to stop the cleaning by adding toxins with your greens.

Take advantage of all the Spring goodies!  If you’re not sure what’s fresh now, shop at a farmer’s market and make sure to ask the farmers what they have grown, as some import produce to sell before their own crops take off which kinda defeats trying to eat locally and with the seasons.

The thing about eating well and with the seasons (and I’m not saying obsessive perfect. I love cookies and life is too short to be a food nazi) is it puts your body in touch. When that happens, it knows what to eat to be healthy. When you eat what  is available locally, you get better tasting food and your body can heal and take the best care of itself possible.

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